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  • Interior care

    Improved resistance against stains and interior protection against ageing. Leather surfaces are great and bring a character without equal to any car interior. They are also the most fragile surfaces and it is important to treat them with all the delicacy and care they deserve. A balm cleaner neutral pH before applying a nourishing care. It will feed the skin while letting it breathe, thus avoiding any further risk of drying and appearance of cracks.

  • Exterior Care

    Our experts have been trained to provide you with exterior detailing services to enhance your vehicle to a permanent shine. Whether you are looking to preserve your paint from losing its shine over time, or would like an instant showroom finish, our experts are delighted to provide you the ProTech Treatment or Paint Correction to suit your needs.

  • Window Tinting

    ProTech window films allows you to beautify and customize your vehicle.

    Our experts offer you two ranges: Ceramic Window Films and Variochromic Window Films, each with different types of shades and technology suiting your needs.

  • Premium Car Wash

    Enjoy a clean, sparkling vehicle on a daily basis

    Washing in one of our Spas will leave your vehicle perfectly clean and smelling as good as new. This operation requires attention and control, while respecting the specific characteristics of the different surfaces. This is why every washing service is performed by qualified technicians, certified by ProTech® Monte-Carlo and using adapted products, equipment and processes. This attention to detail allows us to work on the rarest, most fragile vehicles, with complete peace of mind.

  • Transparent Protection...

    Protect the bodywork of your vehicle

    Ultimate protection to preserve the bodywork against impact from the road (gravel debris, insects, etc.) by depositing a transparent protective film.
    The film we provide you with is a high-quality, transparent and self-repairing film, with a thickness of more than 150 microns. This film can be applied onto the most sensitive areas of your vehicle: hood, front wings, rocker panel, headlights, bumpers, wing mirrors.
    This treatment is perfectly compatible with the ProTech® long lasting paint treatment.